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Just Write It

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Our 4 -week online course starts on:
  • Wednesday 31st  January, 7pm
  • Wednesday 7th February, 7pm  
  • Friday 16th February, 7pm 
  • Wednesday 21st February, 7pm   
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It is easy to have an idea to write your book. However, sadly, research shows that – without proper guidance and signposting – books often remain incomplete. Tell Your Story Write Your Book is a simple online course helping budding authors to navigate through the confusion of creating the right structures and templates for their books. We use our unique Just Write It Model to help you get quick results. 

The four modules will help you cement your book writing intentions, showing you how to integrate an industry-standard contents page and the best sequencing to follow. You will be taught how to find a bestselling book title and be encouraged to schedule frequent timeslots to write. You will have access to our JUST WRITE IT e-book which has more than 80 pages of support to help you professionally organise your manuscript and make it print-ready. 

Four Pillar JUST WRITE IT Course Content: 

1. Setting Your Intention 

Knowing why you want to write a book is a vital component to understanding how to complete your manuscript. We teach a set professional layout of your book and create a timeframe for completion.

2. Best Selling Book Titles 

It is not easy to select a title or a subtitle for your book. Many authors get stuck because their title does not convey the message they are trying to portray. We will show you the key elements to having a catchy book title that will sell. 

3. Professional Industry Standard Contents Page 

So many writers get their table of contents wrong or do not even include it in their book at all. Self-published authors are often critiqued for not having a professional-looking book. We teach you how to avoid this problem. 

4. Just Write It 

This is an opportunity for course users to commit and focused their minds on writing their book. We offer advice for those who are struggling with writer's block.

Book now and get started on your book-writing journey.  

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