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Congratulations you have written a book, now what? Becoming an author is great, however, what happens when you cannot sell any more books? Have your sales slowed down and dried up? If you are serious about generating extra income from your book and want to understand how to increase your profits by expanding your products and services, this online course will help you.


We will teach you to build a marketing foundation on which you can grow your book business on. Then we provide insights into how you can generate several income streams and be able to afford life's luxury and invest in your book business. We will help you identify areas in which you can:

  • Use public speaking as a tool. 

  • Create mutual partnerships.

  • Raise your visibility in press, television, and radio. 

With our exclusive Just Market It System, you can easily triple your current book income. You will have access to our JUST MARKET IT e-book which has more than 200 pages of promotional strategies alongside our marketing support.


Four Pillar Marketing Course Content: 

1. Foundation Steps

Knowing the roots of your book is key to a successful marketing campaign.  We help you to create concrete action steps to becoming a Bestselling author. This will springboard your book business and contribute to increasing sales.  

2. The Rolls Royce of Marketing 

This section teaches you how to leverage your income and scale your merchandise and services. Books are not a linear product; we show you how you can diversify your portfolio. 

3. The World Is Your Stage 

Presentation skills are key when engaging your audience. It is important to build your confidence in public speaking. People buy into you and not your books. Winsome has been trained by renowned Motivational Speakers Les Brown and Andy Harington.  


4. Just Market It 

Create a Book Business is key to growth in your sales. You need strategic marketing campaigns that can travel the press coverage distance. Using our exercises will help you to develop a great understanding of your core message and your author's brand story. 

Book today and get started on your marketing campaign.  

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