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Do you have more than one book inside of you? Is writing your passion? Could you benefit from having an extra income? Would you like to earn a full-time living as a writer? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions Become A Publisher, is an ideal online course for you.

You will learn how to set up your own publishing company in the four easy modules. 

You will have access to our JUST MARKET IT e-book which has more than 200 pages of strategic marketing information to share with your new clients on how to raise their profile.


  • Increase your revenue.  

  • Become a recognised publisher.

  • Distribute books worldwide. 

  • Create book legacies. 

  • Become self-employed. 

  • Create a part-time business. 

  • Work collaboratively with Peaches Publications.


Four Pillar Publishing Course Content: 

1. Business Set-up 

You will learn how to set up your business and what legal structures to use. 

Learn what makes a catchy title and bestselling book cover jacket designs.    


2. Typeset Training 

There is a skill to typesetting and manuscript layout and it requires paying attraction to detail. The format of your book makes or breaks your book interior. A professional approach is always key. 


3. Global Book Distribution 

Many processes take place behind the scene of uploading a book to Kindle. What is the correct size to use? Is it hardback or paperback? A paperback book requires even more steps than a digital book due to exterior book cover jacket design measurements.    


4. Just Publish It 

In this section, we focus on marketing, media press packs, author information, and promotional campaigns. 


Click the register button and get started on becoming a premium Publisher.  

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